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Monday 06.05 – Friday 10.05 I need to be ready to indicate strategies for my exhibition of work. Also be the end of this week I need already be underway in with the making of this. Even issues such as the type of frames I might use and the reasoning behind this needs to be addressed. Also I need to ensure that my promotion strategies are underway. Also very important to research into Post Graduate Study/ Employment and that this is thoroughly documented.

Final Week on Major Project 

Monday 29.04 – Friday 03.05

  • Finish out poster.
  • Finish out logo.
  • Print information design.
  • Assemble all designs.
  • Photograph Designs.
  • Edit Photographs to print out.
  • Print all work ready for hand in.
  • Update all information on my blog.
  • Annotate all of my Books.

To hand in the final Major project on Wednesday

Monday 22.04 – Friday 26.04 – The main things for this week is to start thinking about logo design for posters and information design and I still need to finish four posters. However I will need to experiment on what kind of paper I will print my final design and also maybe it will be cut all out on the laser cutter. Also I found one interesting website where mentioned how  possible to transfer prints to wood.

  • Make sure all designs are ready to be sent to the printers.
  • Experiment on what kind of paper I will use for final design.
  • Cut information design on the laser cutter.
  • Logo Design / Posters.
  • Make sure all my work is stuck in and annotated

Needed Supplies:

  •     Laser printed photo
  •     Wood cut to the same size as photo
  •     Gel Medium (must be an acrylic gel medium)
  •     Brush to apply gel medium to wood
  •     Butter knife or flat instrument to smooth out print onto wood
  •     Wood stain (optional) and rags
  •     Pigment (optional)
  •     Sander or sand paper
  •     Soft Wax or Mod Podge to smooth and seal print
  •     Brush to apply wax
  •     Hanging brackets
  •     Fastening brackets (if multiple pieces of wood are used)

Two weeks to GO on Major Project!

Monday 15.04 – Friday 19.04 – Last week was extremely busy, I visited all places which I planned and even try to get in the landfills yard, but as before no one did not allowing me to cross a gates and take some photos inside. But I think photo which I took last week is not to bad, some of them even very good. So this week I will need to continue working on my information design, I still needed to finish some elements to it and symbols which I am designing in Illustrator. I like working on this type of designs, adding right typeface and choosing colours, but still it is no time to relax I still have so much more to do.

  • Symbols.
  • Information Design.
  • Posters.
  • Start working on packaging design.
  • Annotate all of my Books.

Monday 08.04 – Friday 12.04 –  This week I planning to travel a bit around East London and South Essex, to take some possible photos for my project. I have choose some place where I will go: East Tilbury, Tilbury Power Station, Coryton Refinery, Canvey Island, Silwer Town Factory, Grays, Container Store, CSM Haulage Contractors, Basildon, car breakers yards, scrab yards and all other possible dark and dirty places. After all this journey I will need to work on my photos and I already find artist in which style I want to see my work – Chuck Anderson. But I still need to work on my posters, I decided that I will have seventeen typographical posters and each will contain some important fact about recycling, this theme with graphic posters and information design will emphasize the main reason for my project and it topic, which is – How Recycling can be relate to Graphic Design. So now I need all the time work on them as I know I like take time on to details.

 Plan for journey / location for outside photo shoot


  • Write up notes taken from the New Designers Prepare Day.
  • Write up minutes from the meeting afterwards.  
  • Start to finalise all sketched ideas.

Monday 01.04 – Friday 05.04 – As right now I am finally know what I will do for my final design I can plan my journey more detailed. So first what I need to do it is more information design examples and sort out all information which will be used for my design. This week I will work on layers for my information design, as I do not have enough of time by the end of this week I need to have exact layers, possible typeface which will be used, colours, maybe some elements or symbols. I think symbols it is something what shoud be used, as in recycling it’s a lot of different symbols used as well. Also I need to find time to plan my posters, from now on it is just one month left, so I need to rush.

  • More information design examples.
  • Work on layers for information design.
  • Possible typeface, colours, elements or symbols.
  • Start plannig and designing posters.

Monday 25.03 – Friday 29.03 – This week I need to do some research on London Transport Posters’s, (and other poster designs) as I think they have very interesting layers and strong colours, and this I think what I would like to see on my final posters, I still need to experiment to understand they will be typographical or illustrative, but I think I am more into typography and special that I have to use a lot of information and facts on my design.

  • London Transport Posters
  • Mcknight Kauffer
  • Typography or Illustration
  • Kate Moross
  • Sean Freeman

Monday 18.03 – Friday 22.03 -The mind Map which I done last week really help me to sort out my ideas. So for this week I have a lot things to do, and first what I planning to do it is start skaching ideas for my packaging design, I still thinking to relate my idea with Air Balloons and add this into my packaging design, but also It will be some other ideas as well.

  •     To keep exploring illustration styles.
  •     Write up any points discussed with Tony.
  •     Get a plan of exactly what I want.
  •     What will work most effectively.

Monday 11.03 – Friday 15.03 – This week I will do mind map which will help me to understand how exactly my final design would look like, and what it will be. Because at the moment I need to get a plan of what I want on each posters, information design piece, logo design and packaging design I am still not sure what will work most effectively.

  • To run experiments looking at different styles.
  • Experiment with typography layouts.
  • Annotate books and make sure all work is stuck up and up to date.

Monday 04.03 – Friday 08.03 – This week I will try work at one more idea with leaflets which is contain information about recycling and reusing and after this I need to finish with all of my experimentation and make decision what to do for final, because it is not enought time to experiment on all potential ideas, so need to be choosen idea which is have the most potential. Also I need to research on information design layers and designs and I thing the first book which I will look at it will be – Information Is Beautiful.

  •     Run a number of tests looking at the icon style.
  •     Start to focus my ideas in a touch.
  •     Which ideas do I feel have the most potential?
  •     Start experimenting with typography styles.

Monday 25.02 – Friday 01.03 – This week I will continue do some experimentation with idea of Air Balloons, still need to try more with different materials e.g collage and drawing looking at different artists and use range of medias. Also if it will be a children story about Air Balloons and rubbish than I need to look on more children books examples.

  •     Keep sketching ideas down on paper.
  •     Start to look at potential illustration styles.
  •     Which would best reflect the nature of the project.

Monday 18.02 – Friday 22.02 – This week I planing to experiment with a bit different ideas. I was inspired by cartoons ‘UP’ (by tying thousands of balloons to his home, 78-year-old Carl sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America. Russell, a wilderness explorer 70 years younger, inadvertently becomes a stowaway) which is took me to completely different direction and opened other view point for me on subject about Recycling, but not make straight decisions yet. Thinking about little story of rubbish and how thousands of balloons can take it away from Earth.

  • Metafora point view.
  • Experiment with idea about – Rubbish Story.
  • To do a few test runs looking how it can look like.

Monday 11.02 – Friday 15.02 – This week I am planning to continue working on collages (typographical, illustration, photographical), because I stil need to try different layouts with context so I can see if it would works with all my context. Also I think it is good to start mocking up some of my ideas, sometimes little sketches can become as a final design. On this stage, I start panicing, because I have a lot of ideas and not much time to explore all what I want to.

  • Continue working on collages.
  • Start mocking up some of my ideas.
  • Ideas ideas ideas, just keep sketching.

Monday 04.02 – Friday 08.02 – This week I need to collect further research on the industry waste around the world. Futher more I can use this research for my information design or posteres. Also This week I palnning to do some experementation with collage need to try different compositions and layout. It will give me an idea what type of font and illustration to have on the design as well as look at some designers. Also I need to take some photos for my collages (Redbridge, Caning Town Upcycling Festival).

Monday 28.01 – Friday 01.02 – This week I will keep sketching down potential ideas to take my project further and also try to experiment with different mixed media and try to combine both into a composition. Also need to sketch mind map with some ideas about the information that could be used. This week at Tate Britain will Exhibitions of Kurt Schwitters and I planning to visit this event. Maybe his work will give me some inspiration for futher staps in my project.

  • Use feedback to my advantage.
  • What potential avenues could I take the project down?
  • Start to think about the information that could be used.
  • Exhibitions of Kurt Schwitters.

Monday 21.01 – Friday 25.01 – For this week I will continue to explore different approaches. Maybe will pick a section to experiment with mixed media and different layout.This week we will need to discuss our project into a group and with that discussion take some notes and perhaps see what is relevant ideas that I can cary further for my project as well as helping others in the group with my ideas and opinions about their work.

  • Continue to explore different approaches.
  • Prepare for interim crit on Monday where various visual experimentation needs to be evident.

Monday 14.01 – Friday 18.01 – I need to start doing varieties of designs for my major projects, work flat out on ideas, style, approaches to composition. On this stage very important to be systematic and explore various methods. Also I need some inspira tion styles, so artist reserch is very importan too.

  • Work flat out on ideas, style, approaches to composition.
  • Be systematic.
  • Explore various methods.


  • Lorenzo Duran
  • Juli Cady Ryan
  • World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
  • Plant-for-the-Planet
  • Recycling Truck Project
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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Development of ideas and concepts project & thesis

Thursday 1.11 – Friday 14.12 –  (Thesis) When research period is officially over, I has started been an intense period looking specifically at my essay and getting my ideas down on paper. I feel its more the fear of essay writing than the actual process of writing.  I am not so worry about words count, because during summer time I done good research and plan on my thesis topic, but still writtin essay I found it a bit difficult. The subject was very interesting about plagiarism in relation to Graphic Design. The aim of it is, to examine ‘Piracy and Plagiarism in relation to Graphic Design’. I have actually really enjoyed the whole process this year and I feel Ive learnt a lot through writing the essay that could be applied to my practical work. I had a rough proposal already formed before I started the essay, which made it much easier to start my essay. I have research on some main questions which really help me to open more my theme:

Research Question

  • What is plagiarism and what relation does it have to Graphic Design?
  • What is appropriation?
  • What is the difference between plagiarism and coincidence?
  • Inspiration vs. plagiarism: What is the difference?
  • How has Graphic Design practice been altered during the digital era?
  • What is the definition of copyright?
  • How has the Internet influenced and impact plagiarism?

After getting my essay so close to being finished I felt I would take a break from the essay and work on my referencing, to make sure its all completely up to date. The referencing I must say I found a bit challenging, as everything was just that little bit more complex. However I managed to get most of it written up. Secondary research, has consisted of engaging with web-based information in addition to books concerning piracy and plagiarism in relation to Graphic Design. This includes Paul Saffo’s study ‘The Place of Originality in the Information Age’ (1994). This essay discusses the effects of technology on a designer’s ability to create original works. While initially Saffo wrote about possible negative effects, in the end, he did feel that technology would further design as opposed to hinder it. In terms of postmodernism theory the book ‘Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism’ by Fredric Jameson (1991) will help to identify the key issues of modernism and postmodernism from a Marxist perspective. In this book Jameson brings to the subject an immense range of references, both in terms of artworks and theoretical discussions.  capitalism). One of the most successful and helpful books is ‘Pioneers of Modern Graphic Design: A Complete History’ by Jaremy Aynsley (2001). It is a unique review of chronologically organized comprehensive reference work profiles all the most influential designers worldwide, from early leaders of the genre including Peter Behrens to exponents of today’s digital technology such as Jonathan Barnbrook. The body of research constitutes defining and analysing the notions of plagiarism and piracy in the light of their diachronic development as well as clarifying the boundaries between various modes of use (homage, appropriation, quotation, or eclecticism) and the above mentioned phenomena. I finally bound my work and uploaded it to safe assign.

  • Thesis focus period from now until hand in thesis only.
  • Continue to gather relevant research.
  •  Double check any referencing.
  • Make sure all final changes have been made to my essay proposal.   
  • Complete all essay work ready for the deadline.
  • Bind three copies of my essays.
  • Continue sketching ideas for the practical project.
  • Look for inspiration for my work, posters, packaging etc.

Monday 29.10 – Friday 31.10 – Last a manic week. Its just hit me how much I have to do in so little time! This week  will be officially over research project and I managed to completed  reserch, proposal and visual presentation, even my first idea with little book did not work, but I did not give up on my idea that easy. Only one thing which I feel really sorry for my self because I did not have enough time to put all my research into my book and some of my thumbnails also did not stick in my book. I had a crazy week trying to finalize my visual presentation box, which put me under a lot of pressure. I had a lot of initial worries about my presentation but I think everything came together in the end which was good. The presentation was a real nervous moment but it went not too bad. Now I need to put all my focus on my theory, as I have ignored it for a while due to the intense practical period.

  • Final touches to visual presentation.
  • Complete Bibliography + Harvard Referencing.
  • Prepare proposal (print three copies) and sketchbook for hand in.
  • Print photos of visual presentation box for sketchbook.

Monday 22.10 – Friday 26.10  – I planning to experiment with my initial idea of the concertina book made of photographic posters. I have already took some photos for my posters around differen areas, also last week I went to landfill and try to get in and take some photography but security man did not let me get in and give me some details and contact number where I need to call and ask for permission. So this week I will also try to contact head officce and ask them for permission letter. This week I also need to do all correction on my proposal and make sure it is ready for next week.

Monday 15.10 – Friday 19.10  –  This week I planning to finalising ideas on both the theory and practical. Books and websides really help me with my ideas. I really need to working on writing proposal and handed it into the tutors to receive some feedback. Once feedback is received I will then be able to refine my ideas and start to piece together quotes and examples. Last week by researching I find on amazon really good books which give me some more ideas. One of them is Cradle to Cradle. Remaking the Way We Make Things by Michael Braungart and William McDonough and other is Green Patriot Posters: Graphics for a Sustainable Community by Dmitri Siegel and Edward Morris.

  • Cradle to Cradle. Remaking the Way We Make Things by Michael Braungart and William McDonough 
  • Green Patriot Posters: Graphics for a Sustainable Community by Dmitri Siegel and Edward Morris

cradle_to_cradle     GPP_12A     DSC_0043

Monday 8.10 – Friday 12.10  –  This week I planning to finish my Quantitative and Qualitative research. I will finish with designing my A4 double sided sheet and distributed them around Fashion/Textile designers, Fine Art artist and Graphic Designers. All together it will be around 70 participants different genders and ages groups. Also I will continue researching into theories that could relate to my essay and start to write an essay plan.  I have the fist few drafts for my main project proposal, so now I need to concentrate on my visual proposal. On weeken I think to continue my reserch and go to Canning Town Market to find more about Eco Fashion, Recycling things and upcycling method, take some photography which may help me in my further work on this project. Books to read for following  week:

  • Going Green: The Essential Guide by Cora Lydon.
  • Recycle: The Essential Guide by Duncan McCorquodale.
  • The Sustainable Fashion by Sandy Black and Hilary Alexander.


  • Continue with both proposals. Look at guideline handout to help. Aim to get each section completed by the end of the week.
  • Complete suggested improvements from initial draft.
  • Get a general content for visual presentation. Then develop initial styles of how to present.

 Ideas & Concepts


Monday 1.10 – Friday 5.10  –  This week I will keep researching into the recycling and eco fashion,… what is main point, and how it is work. Also I will reserch on different websites, articles, infographics and examples on recycling and waste in relation to art. I think one of the main thing which I need to do is  think about a visual proposal strategy. Furthermore I will write some questions and tryed to design my own questionnaires which I still need to work on. I planning to finish it for next week and distribute around Havering College to see designers oppinion about recycling.

  • Aim to get proposals for both projects finished and handed in as a draft for Friday.
  • Think about visual presentation methods and start planning.
  • Roughly 20 days until deadline for development of ideas and concepts.
  • Gather primary research results.

Monday 24.09 – Friday 28.09 – This week I need to do some more researching and finally deceased what my project will be about. This week I will need to read more books which relate to my themes and will be researching into websites. Furthermore, I will researching questions which I would like include to my qualitative or quantitative research if it will be appropriated in relation to the subject. Also I need to think this week about my proposal for my practical project.

  • Keep reading my gathered secondary research.
  • Formulate ideas for primary research, decide on questions for questionnaire.
  • Proceed with proposals for both briefs.

Monday 17.09 – Friday 21.09 –  This week I need to decide exactly what my project is about and start doing some mind mapping in relation to it. At the moment I have two main themes ideas, which is Growing up Digitally and Recycling in relation to Graphic Design and Eco Fashion. I really want to make this project interesting not just for me but for any one who will open my book.  I have so many ideas in my head, but I need to sort them and choose right one. I think books is very important and they can give a lot of ideas. Books to read for following  week:

  • Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World by Don Tapscott.
  • Eco Fashion by Sass Brown.
  • Green Graphic Design by Brian Dougherty.


  •     Participate and complete tasks based on Lateral Thinking.
  •     Participate and complete tasks based on Presentation Skills.
  •     Complete Mind Map.
  •     Progress with primary and secondary research.

Thursday 13.09 – Friday 14.09 – This week were officially first days when we back from summer holiday we were shown a series of examples from lasts years graduates. We looked at the different ways that presented their proposals in a visual way to stimulate and engage the viewer.  It is realy give me some ideas what we have to do, because during my summer holiday I was doing some reserch, but I do not really think it was successful research and reason for that was I did not really understand what we have to do. So, this week mostly we were listening and watching presentations and look with teachers over time scales for both the theory and practical project. Also I planning to talk to the teachers one on one as well as other students about my project ideas and maybe my tutor can help me with some books for my practical project.


  • Gather relevant research and formulate an initial Project Proposal.
  • Print and Read relevant online resources.

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